Tuesday, April 29, 2008

18 Days To Go!!!!

So this is my very FIRST post! I don't know what to think about all this! After seeing that all of my coolest friends blog, I decided it was time to "jump on the bandwagon" so to speak. At first I wanted to create a blog that was a countdown to the big day - MAY 17! But then I thought, nah. I will just count it down on this blog. I love the name of my blog - it is SO me. My friend Jenny Winstead came up with the name - she is so creative. And yes, I am going ahead and calling myself a MRS. for the purpose of not having to go back and change it later. And yes, I AM glamorous, or at least I try to be. I think I am a DIVA. That's all that matters (poor poor Drew)!

Back to this wedding thing. I cannot believe that I am getting married in 18 days! I have been engaged for a year - WAY too long. I would NEVER recommend that to anyone! Drew and I are trying to get his house fixed up, or as I would like to say, "womanized." He is LOVING that, let me tell you. It has been so fun though. Aside from the fun things, like getting our little nest ready and anticipating the honeymoon, and actually getting married, there are down sides. My face has not been clear for about 3 months now. There is always at least one huge zit that is very prominently displayed on my face. And it is always VERY prominent - like the one right now, on the top of my nose that is right smack in the center of my eyes. HELLO. I am sure people are really looking at me when they talk and not my pimple. I am just so used to having clear skin. Hmm. Oh well. And if my mom calls me once more on top of the 75 times she calls every day needing something from me, some name or list or to pick up gifts or this or that, I am going to go play in the middle of a highly traveled road. Seriously. Sigh.....other than that, I have no complaints! I love my life and everyone in it! I have the best friends in the world, and that has been proven to me in the past two months more than it ever has before! That's all for now....I know, I talk ALOT.