Thursday, May 1, 2008

16 Days!!

Well, I can already tell that I may be bad at this whole blogging thing. I have already skipped a day, and I have only been doing it for 3! And just for those of you who may ask, YES, I will be for the next 16 days titling my blogs with a countdown. It may get old, but I am sure everyone will get over it. I cannot believe it is only 16 days away! I am still trying to figure out how to make my blog more "flashy." I will figure it out in a few days, I am sure. Because I know everyone (all 3 of you who read my blog) are dying to see more pictures.

Today has been pretty uneventful for the most part. Work is just not my thing. I LOVE being lazy, and I wish I could do it every day. I am not ashamed of that! I DID however have lunch with Jenny Winstead, who is one of the cutest people I have EVER met. I wish I had her clothes. It was fun. That has been the most eventful part of my day. Tonight will be even more eventful. I am going to work out and then go home to start packing up my room and writing thank you notes. I LOVE me some wedding presents, but I want to start a new cycle for thank you notes. I feel as though the next wedding gift I give someone, I am going to attach a card that says "Please do NOT feel the need to write me a thank you note. Save yourself some paper and save yourself some time. I got this for you because I LOVE YOU, not because I want a note in return. Sincerely, Erin." Maybe by doing this I will start some sort of cyle or revelution if you will and thank you notes will no longer be apart of wedding gifts. That would be AWESOME!

I will end with a little thought for the day. This whole Miley Cirus deal. I MEAN SERIOUSLY. First of all, there are more important things going on in the world that Miley Cirus showing her backside. Can I just say that her showing her backside is no different than these skanky prom dresses that girls are wearing now days. Also, she is 15, but she is in a world that requres girls her age to mature much faster than normal 15 year olds would. And the picture of her and her dad is NOT even scandelous. There is obvioulsy not much news going on in the celeb world if they are choosing THIS as the feature story. HONESTLY. I really can't hear that whole story one more time. That is all for now.


winstead family said...

i am OBSESSED with your sense of humor!!!!!!!!! and what is this about my clothes?!?!?!?!? touche my dear.

mary straton said...

i am so glad to know you have a blog!

Ethan and Emily said...

i love jenny winstead!

and i love love love erin farris!

i totally agree about thank you notes. they made me insane!