Monday, June 16, 2008


And YES, i know my blog is not cute. EXCEPT for the amazing background my graphic designer friend did for me. Shout out to you, Jenny. Thanks. But people....quit telling me my blog needs work! I will fix it! See post below.....


To all my MANY MANY followers of my life (thank you to those care).....if you have not noticed, I have not posted in, oh i don't know, 4 weeks? If you have not noticed, then you obviously don't care to read my blog. Anyhow, so people will quit asking me when i am going to post, i am throwing this out there: My last day at work is on Friday......then i have the summer to make my blog beautiful and post everyday. Okay, diving back into the job/work that makes me want to go play in traffic on I-55 every day.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

OKAY...So just a quick post. I just read somewhere on a TV Spoilers website that a big kiss between Callie and Dr. Hahn takes place on Grey's Thursday. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Well, of course I have to start off my post with the statement that I am getting married in 4 days. Holy Crap! Okay, I got that off of my chest. I could write about all the things i have yet to do and all the things that I have done in preparation for this one day, but I won't. Instead, I will say that I was just thinking today for a long time how crazy it is to put all this time, energy, MONEY, and stress (that leads to mountain ranges all over your forehead) into something that literally lasts for a few hours. All I can say is that my wedding better be P-A-R-T-Y that is well worth going to for all the my parents have shelled out on it. I mean really, it is almost ludicris. Did I spell that word right...ludicris? I don't know....sometimes it helps me to think that I CAN use big words.
So I am sure that you (I am talking to the 5 people who may or may not read my blog) watched the Bachelor last night. My friend Jenny and I were talking about how fake Shane seemed when she got proposed to. It is really disappointing to me because I LOVE Shane and I wanted her to win, and then she had to go all actress on everyone. Disappointing. I hope they make it. But can i PLEASE say one thing....Did he REALLY call her "monkey" when he proposed? I don't know if that is just me, but that is kind of scary. I mean, if Drew called me "monkey" I would be like that is something my dad would call me which is just gross. I could never kiss someone who called me "monkey." Again, that is just weird. Must be a British thing?
I am SO excited about Grey's Anatomy this week. Don't worry, I will be writing about that episode write after I see it, since apparently that is all I can talk about these days (right, Jenny)? Jenny is my Grey's friend and we talk about it all the time. And we both thing McDreamy is fine. Seriously.
That is all I have for the day. I am going for yet ANOTHER trial run for my hair (this will be my 4th) because I just cannot seem to get it together! But I said I would not talk about all I had to do between now and the big day. BYE!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

I Love Ashley Lancaster

I forgot to give a shout out to my best friend, Ashley Anderson Lancaster. And I won't just give you a shout out, no mam. I will do better than that........Ashley is the greatest! I love Ashley and she is truly one of the best friends a girl could ever ask for! I am so blessed to know her, and I am honored that she is in my wedding! AND.........One of my favorite things to do (and Drew's) is hang out with Kurt and her. Did I mention that I love Ashley?

Shout out to Ashley!!

O.M.G. - 5 DAYS!!!!

Seriously, we can all obvioulsy tell that I am not going to be a "regular" blogger. I mean, it HAS been 9 days since I have written. I thought I would post every day since the blogging world is so new to me. Honestly, I have been so busy that I cannot keep my head on straight! I cannot believe I am getting married on crazy! My last couple of weeks have been filled with opening gifts, writing thank you notes, cutting ribbon and tying it on to programs ( I did 200 last night!!!), getting Drew's house ready (ha - that is all the comment that one needs), packing for the honeymoon and packing up my room (kind of sad), making phone calls, running last minutes errands, getting goody bags together for out of town guests, and so the list goes on. And in the midst of all this, I somehow STILL manage to catch a tiny breath. And what do I do when I catch a tiny breath? I watch my tv shows!!! Hello!! Grey's Anatomy, The Bachelor, and Idol.
Can I seriously talk about Grey's Anatomy. Last weeks episode was AMAZING! I think it is a huge turning point - of course, it seems like they want you to think that it is a turning point and probably next week he is going to propose to freaking Rose - she is gross. She get's on my nerves! It is apparent after last week that he still loves Meredith. YAY. But I really cannot handle another Ross and Rachel thing. Yes, I am one of the millions who LOVES friends, but 9 years of Ross and Rachel? I mean seriously. It's a little drawn out. And I am really hoping that Shane wins The Bachelor! She is the only one that is remotely cute! But I really like her!
Enough tv talk, I am really getting married in less than a week! (Just in case you haven't gotten that from the title of the post and the long first paragraph about my busy week). I cannot believe it is here...I am going to be a Dickey! Okay, I have totally gotten over the last name, just so you know. I am proud to be a Dickey, and I think we should have our own little reality TV show just like Newlyweds called "Meet the Dickeys".... How cute is that? To sum up life right now: I am busy, my last name will change in 5 days, I am busy, and I am busy!
Shout out to Jenny Winstead!!! She is the cutest!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

16 Days!!

Well, I can already tell that I may be bad at this whole blogging thing. I have already skipped a day, and I have only been doing it for 3! And just for those of you who may ask, YES, I will be for the next 16 days titling my blogs with a countdown. It may get old, but I am sure everyone will get over it. I cannot believe it is only 16 days away! I am still trying to figure out how to make my blog more "flashy." I will figure it out in a few days, I am sure. Because I know everyone (all 3 of you who read my blog) are dying to see more pictures.

Today has been pretty uneventful for the most part. Work is just not my thing. I LOVE being lazy, and I wish I could do it every day. I am not ashamed of that! I DID however have lunch with Jenny Winstead, who is one of the cutest people I have EVER met. I wish I had her clothes. It was fun. That has been the most eventful part of my day. Tonight will be even more eventful. I am going to work out and then go home to start packing up my room and writing thank you notes. I LOVE me some wedding presents, but I want to start a new cycle for thank you notes. I feel as though the next wedding gift I give someone, I am going to attach a card that says "Please do NOT feel the need to write me a thank you note. Save yourself some paper and save yourself some time. I got this for you because I LOVE YOU, not because I want a note in return. Sincerely, Erin." Maybe by doing this I will start some sort of cyle or revelution if you will and thank you notes will no longer be apart of wedding gifts. That would be AWESOME!

I will end with a little thought for the day. This whole Miley Cirus deal. I MEAN SERIOUSLY. First of all, there are more important things going on in the world that Miley Cirus showing her backside. Can I just say that her showing her backside is no different than these skanky prom dresses that girls are wearing now days. Also, she is 15, but she is in a world that requres girls her age to mature much faster than normal 15 year olds would. And the picture of her and her dad is NOT even scandelous. There is obvioulsy not much news going on in the celeb world if they are choosing THIS as the feature story. HONESTLY. I really can't hear that whole story one more time. That is all for now.